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  • Best Season: March to Oct
  • Summer: 14 to 30°C
  • Winter: -5 to 20°C
  • Rain: July to Oct
  • Altitude: 1600 m
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  • Best Season: May to September
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  • Best Season: Mar to Oct
  • Summer: 10 to 37°C
  • Winter: -8 to 11°C
  • Rain: Jul to Aug
  • Altitude: 2690 m (8825 ft)
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  • Best Season: Jun to Oct
  • Summer: 24 to 35°C
  • Winter: 19 to 23°C
  • Rain: April to June
  • Altitude: 13 m
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  • Best Season: Sep - Feb
  • Summer: 21 - 39°C
  • Winter: 17 - 34°C
  • Rain: Jun - Sep
  • Altitude: 22 m ( 72 ft )
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Jun Array 25°C 19°C 442mm
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  • Best Season: Mar - May and Sept - Nov
  • Summer: 19 to 37°C
  • Winter: 3 to 24°C
  • Rain: Jun to Sep
  • Altitude: 1247 m
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Jun Array 38°C 26°C 102mm
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  • Best Season: Mar - May and Sept - Nov
  • Summer: 19 to 37°C
  • Winter: 3 to 24°C
  • Rain: Jun to Sep
  • Altitude: 1247 m

Golf - Things to do

How many times have we seen on television Tiger Woods, Annika Sorenstam and all the other professionals hit that golf ball so effortlessly into their holes!


Golf is commonly defined as a game which is played on a special outdoor course using a Golf Ball and a set of Golf Clubs. These golf clubs have either wooden or metal heads. The Golfer hits the ball into each of a series of holes with the least number of strokes as possible. Golf clubs have been designed keeping in mind the various kinds of shots needed to take the ball from the Tee into the Holes situated at the end of the fairways of varying shapes and distances, avoiding the Hazards and obstacles. Golf courses around the world are some of the most picturesque spots that one would have visited.


There is a lot of history attached with the beginning of Golf around the world. The most widely accepted theory is that Golf originated from Scotland in the 1100s. Scottish shepherds knocked stones into rabbit holes in the place which is home to the famous St. Andrews Golf Club of Scotland.


A Golf course is divided into various sections. Each section has its own importance in this game. Golf courses also differ from each other in terms of the grass used, weather conditions and the obstacles used in the game. The basic parts of the Golf course are the Tee-box, the Fairway, and the Green. The Tee-box is the place where golfers take their first shot. From the tee-box it is to get your ball as close to the green as possible or in the fairway. From the fairway, you hit your ball towards the green and Putt into the Hole. Around these basic golf course parts are areas that are designed to make Golf more challenging and more difficult: the hazards, the rough, trees, and the fringes.


Golf is a diverse game and played on various courses. These courses are Public Courses or Private courses.


Public Golf courses are open to anybody who is willing to pay for a Round of Golf. These are the most common and tend to be Golf courses that are readily available for use. Private Golf Courses as the term implies are privately owned and in this case only club members are allowed to play. Private golf courses are often known as country clubs.


As a beginner to the game it is important for one to understand that Golf is a very technical game and it is important for a player to master all the technical movements and terminologies of this game.


Depending on the shot that a player plans to make, the golf stance is categorized into 3 categories. These are Square Stance, Open Stance and Closed Stance.


The combination of a good stance, a good grip and a good swing is necessary to make the best golf shots.


In the game of golf there are three common types of Golf Grips. These are categorized as Baseball, Interlock, and Overlap.


In India golf is soon becoming a popular sport. Round the year various tournaments are matches are held. There are a couple of clubs in various parts of India where specialized training is provided for those aspiring to learn the basics of Golf.


There is lot more into the game of golf. If you thought of this as a slow paced game which was meant only for the retired and upper strata of society then in India it is soon making in routes amongst people of varying age and gender.


So relax and enjoy this game of Golf!

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