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Cinque Terre Land, Entertainment, Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

This splendid Unesco World Heritage site and a National Park, supposedly the cleanest locale of Italy and an electrifying jewel in the Ligurian tiara - the Cinque terre, - “The Five Hills,...

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Sassi Di Matera Land, Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Church and Caves

Engraved out of pallid tuff rock and scorched by the Mediterranean sun, the Sassi form a metropolis complex of primitive residences, many of which are simple grottos placed on the rooftops of ot...

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Ancient Pompeii Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Way back in AD 79, Vesuvius was just a huge mount to those who survived around the presently cove of Naples. Little did they understand that the huge cloud that shed over the eastern the blue on...

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Amalfi Coast Land, Nature, Water

Famous for: Mountains and Beaches

The Amalfi Coast is a celebration glory, idyllically for best and the most soothing long holidays. The range of the Lattari Mountains, directly uncovered to the sea, outlines sunken seashore wit...

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Trevi Fountain Nature

Famous for: Fountain

In the maze of narrow, meandering streets, Rome hides a sparkling jewel held to be a triumphant example of Baroque finesse and the natural artistry of water- one of the world's most stunning...