Monuments in Italy

Italy Monuments

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Colosseum Heritage

Famous for: Architecture

The greatest relic of the ancient times, the archetypical amphitheater, an engineering marvel, the quintessence of architectural brilliance, a footing testimony of both the sumptuousness and the...

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Historic Centre Of Siena Heritage

Famous for: Architecture

Siena may not be alike Florence, its perpetual contender and fellow citizen to the north, in largely artistic accomplishment, but its liveliness and charisma fashions it a place incomparable to ...

Must See
Roman Forum Land, Heritage

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Quiescent in a gorge between the Palatine and the Capitoline hills, Roman Forum is by outlying one of the most noteworthy archaeological venues in the world. The heart of the kingdom shells out ...

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Grand Canal Heritage

Famous for: Architechture

Boarding the vaporetto #1 (water bus) alongside the Canal Grande is like departing back all the way back to centuries of history. The celebrated Venetian shipping canal rambles more than 3.5 km ...

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Leaning Tower Pisa Heritage

Famous for: Architechture

This momentous structure isn’t a mirage, nor have the draftsman’s predictable it so carved. No sooner had the tower raised the third storey, the structure started tumbling into the g...

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Duomo Cathedral Santa Maria Del Fiore Heritage

Famous for: Monuments

Renowned for its characteristic dome and communicative hues, Santa Maria del Fiore dictates the skyline of Florence and echoes the communal efforts of numerous illustrious artists, who gifted th...

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Lake Como Heritage, Water

Famous for: Monuments

Wrapping an area of 146 square kilometers, Lake Como's intrinsic worth doesn’t fume down to enormity by any means. The blend of romance, history, picturesque splendor and the riches of...

Must See
Trulli Di Alberobello Heritage

Famous for: Buildings

Uncanny sandstone residences with gray, cone shaped rooftops, built completely without the use mortar and whitewashed each year blotch the area of Bari and Taranto, yet are unfamiliar in the res...