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Abbaye Du Mont Saint Michel Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Monuments

Where the forces of nature congregate the artistry of medieval architecture and Brittany melts with Normandy, there raises one of the initial places to achieve UNESCO World Heritage listing. Ato...

Must See
Eiffel Tower Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Monument

Erected to mark the centenary celebration of the French Revolution, is one of the most visited paid testimonial in the world. Yet standing on its top observation thump on a clear afternoon and o...

Must See
Versailles Palace Entertainment, Nature

Famous for: Garden

Having entrée to majestic pieces of fine art on a daily basis must be utterly rewarding, but living in one is a absolutely different affair. Louis XIV surely knew what he was doing when h...

Must See
Le Val De Loire Land, Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

The slanting Loire cuts through the landscape of undulating hills and shaky flanges to provide a calming manifestation of nature, and set stage for a mind-boggling spirit of architecture. This m...

Must See
Cathedrale Notre Dame De Reims Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Palace

A runner-up in Europe, after Chartres, in terms of bedazzling fashioned embellishment, the earlier coronation site is a stupendous fusion of regal history and architectural creativity. The Cathe...

Must See
Arenes De Nimes Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

By far the best conserved Roman amphitheater in the globe, the podium has been governing the city of Nîmes for almost 2,000 years, bearing a testimony to the genius of Roman engineers. Nim...

Must See
Arc De Triomphe Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Monuments

Palpably under the magic charm of the ancient Roman architecture, Napoleon I custom-built Jean Chalgrin to propose a triumphal archway devoted to the grandeur of the royally armies. The world...

Must See
Moulin Rouge Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Toulouse-Lautrec venerated Moulin Rouge, and he definitely had good reasons to do so. Situated in the environs of Montmartre in the Paris red-light area of Pigalle, the cabaret was a hotspot of ...

Must See
La Valle De Chamonix Land, Nature

Famous for: Mountains

Back dropped by the colossal wall of Mt Blanc, the Chamonix dale is an all round the year ecstasy not only for enthusiasts of open-air sports, but for anyone who can be glad about a crumb of his...

Must See
Carcassonne Medieval City Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

To be specific, there are two Carcassonnes: the well-known walled City and the neighboring township spreading at its foot. A stopover to the equipped settlement is a true step back in time. Its ...

Must See
Theatre Antique DOrange Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Orange is a normal township devoid of that touristy gleam you expect to find in a place of this importance. Agricultural in its heart, the humble setting doubles the artistic collision of the an...

Must See
St Tropez Beaches Nature, Water

Famous for: Beaches

Since the sixties, Saint Tropez has been one of the more admired beach resorts in southern France. The town enjoys a stunning setting on the French Riviera and in the past was the holiday destin...