Moulin Rouge, France - Scenic Beauty


Toulouse-Lautrec venerated Moulin Rouge, and he definitely had good reasons to do so. Situated in the environs of Montmartre in the Paris red-light area of Pigalle, the cabaret was a hotspot of slapdash entertainment, and the lissome, long-legged dancers had a special plead to the crippled painter. Today, thousands of visitors take requisite pictures under the imitation of the original red windmill, but the actual attraction only comes with the evening show of cancan. Vigorous and seductive, the dance is a manifestation of spinning costumes, lean legs, sexy lingerie, and dazzling technique. You'll have to untie the purse strings a bit to get pleasure from the show, but it's still not much for a tour to turn-of-the-century France and its unconcealed romance perched in clouds of cigar smoke.

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