Arc De Triomphe, France - Monuments

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Palpably under the magic charm of the ancient Roman architecture, Napoleon I custom-built Jean Chalgrin to propose a triumphal archway devoted to the grandeur of the royally armies. The world's largest testimonial of this kind, today it connects old and new Paris, forming a milieu for the precious built-up collection. The outstanding sculptural reprieves embellishing the pillars symbolize French creative sympathy, and the names of 558 commanders as well as chief victories carved all over the archway symbolizes the pride all Frenchmen take in their military history. Beneath, the arch shelters the crypt of France's Unknown Soldier, and the panoramic patio that it carries on top offers a fine vista of Paris. Some whack it for being shelled in the middle of traffic hurly-burly, but the fact remains that the Arc de Triomphe is one of the most excitedly visited sites in France.

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