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Must See
The Falkirk Wheel Entertainment, Nature, Water

Famous for: Landmarks,Falkirk Football Club, Famous boat Trips, Waterplays Park

The Falkirk Wheel is said to be the only rotating boatlift in the world and is an engineering marvel of 21st century. The boatlift is mainly used to re-connect the Forth & Clyde a...

Must See
Glasgow Cathedral Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Medieval Pilgrimage, Church, Tomb

The Glasgow Cathedral is one of Scottish bespoken church that has withstood the test of time for more than 500 years. The medieval cathedral is said to be erected on the site of St Kentigern&rsq...

Must See
Edinburghs Royal Mile Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Business, Shop, Bar, Restaurant, Hotel

As the moniker goes by, the Royal Mile in Edinburg is a one scots mile long equidistant from the Edinburgh Castle at the top of the Castle Rock down to Holyrood Abbey. The Royal mile is preached...

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Glasgow Science Centre Entertainment, Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Shopping, Museums, The Famous Night Life

The Glasgow Science Centre is one of the most sought-after tourist attractions of Scotland that portrays science and technology in unique and appealing ways. One gets to see and do a whole lot o...

Must See
Edinburgh Zoo Land, Nature

Famous for: Penguin Parade, Zoo, Wildlife

The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland under which the Edinburgh Zoo functions, houses over 1000 rare, unusual and endangered animals in the world. The society was established in the year 1909...

Must See
Royal Yacht Britannia Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Monuments, Zoo, Garden

The Royal Yacht Britannia was once the floating home of the British Monarchs and is one of the biggest attractions of Scotland. The Royal Yacht began sailing in the year 1953 and has rove all ov...

Must See
Ardnamurchan Beach Nature, Water

Famous for: Moorland, Forests, Beaches

The spectacular Ardnamurchan isthmus is situated on the western part of the British mainland alongside the shores of Loch Sunart. Ardnamurchan beach is one of the most visited tourist destinatio...

Must See
Holyroodhouse Heritage, Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Holyrood Palace, Monastery, Monarchs

The Holyrood castle has played a key role in the history of Scotland and was initially built as an Augustian monastery by King David I of Scotland in 1128 AD. Though this palace is largely assoc...

Must See
Island Of Arran Heritage, Nature, Water

Famous for: Museum, Historical Monuments, Backwaters

The island of Arran is rightly called as “Scotland in Miniature” and is the ideal place to relax, unwind and indulge in some of the best stunning island landscapes and best of what n...

Must See
Urquhart Castle And Loch Ness Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Monuments, Landmarks, Palace

The Urquhart Castle nestled on the banks of Loch Ness offers a picturesque vista of the Highlands. The castle of Urquhart is said to be one of the largest castles and has witnessed many bloody b...

Must See
Neist Point Nature, Water

Famous for: Lighthouse, Beaches, Landscape

The Island of Skye, situated at the western tip of Scotland is the most mesmerizing point and is best known of the Inner Hebrides. This vantage point proffers the serene vistas of the Moonen Bay...

Must See
Dunnottar Castle Nature

Famous for: Bird Watching, Birds Sanctuary

Dunnottar Castle is one of the most reminiscent and spectacular castle of Scotland that is perched upon the stunning flat-topped rock with steep cliffs on three sides. This fortress dates back t...

Must See
Rannoch Moor Nature, Water

Famous for: Rivers, Landscape, backwaters

Deserted and hardly accessible, the Great Moor of Rannoch is said to be the only enduring wildernesses of Europe. Beguiling beautiful vistas of Rannoch has a wide spread land completely blankete...

Must See
Glen Coe Entertainment, Nature, Water

Famous for: Picnic, lakes, scenic beauty

The mesmerizing Glenoe is the perfect blend of mystical panorama and intriguing history and is just a short drive away from the Mainland Scotland.  This greater wilderness is adorned with c...

Must See
Neolithic Monuments Of Orkney Heritage, Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Tomb, Monuments, Scenic Beauty

The relics of Orkney possess some of the excellent remnants belonging to one of the aboriginal clans that existed for almost 1000 years and vanished approximately around 2000 BC. The prehistoric...