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Must See
Belle Mare Nature, Water

Famous for: White Sandy Beaches, Beaches, Sailing, Scuba Diving, Flacq Market, Water Park

Belle Mare is a city situated in Mauritius, a small isle that is home to ethnically diverse people. Belle Mare is one of the best beaches in Mauritius, with 10km-long seashore includes some of t...

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Black River Gorges National Park Entertainment, Nature, Water

Famous for: Waterfalls, Vistas, Hiking, Hills, Forests, Wildlife

Mauritius’ only national park is a marvellously wild vastness of deep forest covering 3.5% of the isle’s surface and home to over 300 species of blossoming plants and nine species of...

Must See
Cap Malheureux Nature, Water

Famous for: Beaches, Basaltic Rocks, Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Church, Boating, Swimming, Snorkelling

The northern rim of Mauritius has spectacular views out to the islands off the shore beyond, most apparently of the striking slopes of Coin de Mire. Even though it feels like relativel...

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Central Mauritius Land, Entertainment, Heritage, Nature, Water

Famous for: Volcanic Mountains, Museum, Canoening, Waterfalls, Forests, Wildlife, Rivers

The island’s steep centre is often unseen by visitors in quest of a quick fix of sun and sand, which is infamy as the exquisite mountains, the Black River Gorges National Park an...

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Curepipe Nature, Water

Famous for: Shopping Centre, Botanical Gardens, Carnegie Library, Royal College, New George V stadium

Effectively Mauritius’ second metropolis, Curepipe is a busyupland commercial centre well-known for its rainy weather and clothes shopping. It’s strange name apparently stems fr...

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East Mauritius Nature, Water

Famous for: Luxury Five Star Hotels, Beaches, Flacq Market, Waterpark Leisure Village

Lacking a Flic en Flac or a Grand Baie around which boundless numbers of postcard stands, takeaways and souvenir shops can grow up, the east coast of Mauritius feels enviably...

Must See
Grand Baie Nature, Water

Famous for: Resorts, Good Beaches, Beach, Seaside Village, Fishing, Boating, Craft Shopping, Windsurfing, Water Skiing, Surya Oudaya Temple

Grand Baie was once named De BogtZonderEyndt which means “Bay without End” by the Dutch in the 17th century. Now habitually referred to as a resort and famed for its nightlife, Grand...

Must See
Grand Gaube Nature, Water

Famous for: Diving Center, Wind Surf, Pointe Bernache Beach,Swimming Pool

Grand Gaube is where the development of northern Mauritius presently ends, even though it has itself become the newest flash point for hotel building in modern years. Despite this, it ...

Must See
La Gaulette Land, Nature, Water

Famous for: Mountains, Seashore,Water Sports, Kitesurf, Windsurf, Diving, Fishing

South of Grande Rivière Noire, the mountains draw ever closer to the seashore. There are pine woods and mangroves alongside the coast, but little in the way of habitation, beyond som...

Must See
Le Morne Peninsula Land, Nature

Famous for: Dazzling Vast Rock, Hotels, Rock Crag, Mountain View, Adventure, Sight Viewing, Hiking

Evident from much of southern Mauritius, Le Morne Brabantis the dazzling, vast rock from which this stunning peninsula takes its name. The isthmus itself has some of the country’s bes...

Must See
Mahebourg Land, Heritage, Nature, Water

Famous for: Mountains, Museums, Beach Activities, Blue Bay Marine Park, Coral Diving Centre, Souvenir Shops

There’s something persistentlyattractive about Mahébourg, with its lethargic feel, a mix of old and new and few idiosyncratic sights. Founded in 1805, Mahébourg was named aft...

Must See
North Mauritius Nature, Water

Famous for: Outstanding Restaurants, Magnificient Beaches, National Botanical Garden, Sugar Estate, Museum, Caudan Shopping Complex, Port Louis Craft Market

Northern Mauritius offers a huge amount to visitors; while its stunning beaches have certainly lead to heavy development it’s never hard to get away from it all and discover area...

Must See
Pamplemousses Heritage, Nature, Water

Famous for: Botanical Gardens, Museum, Beaches, Amazonica Water Lilies

Most visitors to northern Mauritius take the time to visit Pamplemousses for its well-known botanical gardens, which are worth a diversion if you fancy an afternoon away from the seash...

Must See
Port Louis Land, Nature

Famous for: Mountain Peaks, Caudan Waterfront, Champ de Mars Racecourse, Talipot Palm Trees, Blue Penny Museum, China Town

With its extravagant setting underneath the imposing mountain peaks of Le Pouce and Pieter Both, Port Louis makes an intuition on anyone arriving on the main road from the airport – descen...

Must See
QuatreBornes Nature

Famous for: Amazing Clothing Market, Nature Trails, Hotels, Night Life

For many people QuatreBornes is nothing more than a big city constructed around the laboriously busy road connecting Flic en Flac to the M1. Its main street, St Jean Rd, is always clogged with t...

Must See
Rodrigues Land, Nature

Famous for: Floura, Fauna, Sightseeing, Caves, Rocks, Beaches, Kitesession, Blue Penny Museum

Rodrigues is one of the most amusing surprises Mauritius has to offer. delightfullysecluded over 500km northeast of the mainland, this miniature isle is a volcanic creation only one mi...

Must See
Rose Hill Land, Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Hills, Old Buildings, Shopping Mall , Balfour Garden, Jewellery Garden, Pleasure Fair, Market , Sculpture and Painting

Rose Hill, stuck between Beau Bassin and QuatreBornes in the middle of the Central Plateau metropolis, is practically a hamlet of Port Louis and a major cultural centre for&n...

Must See
South Mauritius Land, Nature, Water

Famous for: Beaches, Mountain, Scenery, Wild Nature, Parks, Sight Viewing

A emphasize of any visit to Mauritius will be taking in the moderately embryonic south of the atoll, which includes some of the country’s most magnificent panorama and wildest la...

Must See
Tamarin Nature

Famous for: Beaches, Canoeing, Tamarind Falls, Scenic Attraction, Tamarin Bay, Water Diving

Tamarin is amiably the dead-end. Regardless of having a great beach and being within a short drive of some fascinating sights, it’s hard to imagine anywhere less likely to see a developmen...

Must See
Trou DEau Douce Nature

Famous for: Fishing, Golf Course, Boating, Grand River, Waterfalls

‘Sweet water hole’ is the chiefintersection on the east shore and its unsuspecting tourism capital as a result. It’s a methodically lovely place, large and tedious along a magn...