Cap Malheureux, Mauritius - Beaches, Basaltic Rocks, Notre Dame Auxiliatrice Church, Boating, Swimming, Snorkelling

Scenic, Beaches, Backwaters

The northern rim of Mauritius has spectacular views out to the islands off the shore beyond, most apparently of the striking slopes of Coin de Mire. Even though it feels like relatively a backwater today, ‘Cape Misfortune’ is a place of great historical significance for Mauritius: it was here that the British foray force finally overpowered the French in 1810 and took over the islet. A little further on lies the tiny fishing hamlet also known as Cap Malheureux, with its much-photographed basilica, the red-roofed Notre Dame Auxiliatrice. It’s worth a quick glance inside for its elaborate woodwork and a holy-water bowl fashioned out of a giant clamshell.


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