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Best Season & Best time to visit Mauritius

Mauritius enjoys a characteristically tropical climate with year-round heat, even though the southeast trade winds help it never to feel too humid. The summer months are from December to April, when it can nonetheless be awfully humid, and the winter, such as it is, runs from May to November, and is cooler and drier.The best time to visit Mauritius is between May to early December. January and February, the peak tropical storm months, are best avoided by water-sports enthusiasts and divers. Cyclones hardly ever hit Mauritius but cyclones way out at sea can bring days of stormy rain.


Coastal temperatures vary between 25°C and 33°C in summer and between 18°C and 24°C in winter. On the plateau it will be some 5°C cooler. The highlands are also the wettest part of the isle – it can rain here at any time of year, and even when it’s not raining the area can be shrouded in low-lying cloud.When the winds are at their strongest in July and August it can be stormy on the east coast, though the breeze brings welcomingaid in summer. Mauritian wintertime offers a more suitable climate for holidaymakers. During the summer, the isle is at risk from tropical cyclones from November to April. With the exception of the cyclone season, winds are meek year-round.

Best Season : May to December. Temperature: Summer 25 to 33°C, Winter 18 to 24°C

Monthly Mauritius Weather

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