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Mauritius Food


Food in Mauritius is a perfect fusion of French, Creole, Indian, Chinese and European cuisine. Giant fresh-water prawns, smoked marlin, venison and palm heart are among the isle's superb specialities to name but a few. Many of the esteemed hotels on the island boasts world famous chefs and it comes therefore as a little surprise that the buffets are more connoisseur cuisine. Food courts have propped up in all the chief commercial centres offering competitively priced Chinese, Indian or European fast food such as Pizza-Hut, Kentucky Fried Chicken or Debonair Pizza. One can even find a Mc Donald's restaurant in Port-Louis Waterfront. On the other hand if you want to experience road side delights there are fresh Indian dhollpuris and rotis, Chinese broths with steamed dumplings or famous biryanis.