Rodrigues, Mauritius - Floura, Fauna, Sightseeing, Caves, Rocks, Beaches, Kitesession, Blue Penny Museum

Scenic, Mountaineering

Rodrigues is one of the most amusing surprises Mauritius has to offer. delightfullysecluded over 500km northeast of the mainland, this miniature isle is a volcanic creation only one million years old, a dazzling, mountainous jewel where it’s hard to feel connected to even Mauritius, let alone the wider world. Often sold rather deceptive as a ‘mini-Mauritius’, Rodrigues’ differences from its distant master are what in fact make people who come here fall for it. As well as beach holidays and walking, the isle offers some of the best diving in Mauritius, being bounded by widespread coral reefs. Rodrigues is receiving heavy endorsement as a back-to-nature destination for holiday-makers from all through the expanse.

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