Wildlife in Bangladesh

Bangladesh Wildlife

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Must See
Sundarbans Nature

Famous for: National park,Tiger

The Sunderbans forest is abode to more than 250 tigers. The Bengal Tigers have custom-made themselves very well to the brackish and aqua environs and are tremendously good swimmers. As you enter...

Must See
Kaptai Nature

Famous for: Hills and Lake

A pleasant and quaint expanse of emerald and blue water looped by tropical forests is the famous man-made Kaptai Lake with 680 sq. km of area. From Kaptai along the Chittagong road, lies the anc...

Must See
Maheskhali Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Temple

A significant sightseeing attraction of Cox's Bazar is the Maheskhali, Cox's Bazar. It is an isle along the shore of Cox's Bazar with an area of 268 square kilometers. The eastern pa...

Must See
Sylhet Land, Nature, Water

Famous for: Forests and Lakes

Damp and jade Sylhet, a place of countless waterways and tender humplike hills coroneted in garish green tea plantations, is one of the more scenically gorgeous parts of the country. Aside ...