Maheskhali, Bangladesh - Temple

Scenic, Temple, Wildlife

A significant sightseeing attraction of Cox's Bazar is the Maheskhali, Cox's Bazar. It is an isle along the shore of Cox's Bazar with an area of 268 square kilometers. The eastern part of Maheskhali, Cox's Bazar is disconnected from the heartland by the Maheshkhali waterway. According to a tradition, a local peasant found a stone-image from the jungle and when he found that the image is of 'Mahesh' the name by which Shiva is also well-known he constructed a temple and kept the image there. Thus it is said that the isle got its name Maheskhali from the name of the temple and the temple came to be known as Adinath Mandir which is a famed archaeological sight of Maheskhali, Cox's Bazar.

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