Mainamati, Bangladesh - Sculptures

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Mainamati once known as 'Samatata' signifies a land lying almost even with the sea-level. Quarry on this range has exposed over 50 ancient sites dotting the hills, mostly containing diverse Buddhist relics of the 8th to 12th centuries A. D. Excavations at a number of sites, locally known as Salban Vihara, Kutila Mura, Ananda Rajar Badi, Chaarpatra Mura, Mainamati Ranir Badi from 1955 till to date, besides revealing many Buddhist monasteries temples and stupas, have also capitulated a rich collection of stones and bronze sculptures of diverse gods and goddesses, coins, reliquaries, royal copper plate, terracotta plaques, jewels, pots and pans and other various objects of daily use which expressively speak of the splendid cultural attainments of the period. Salban Vihara is an extensive hub of Buddhist culture of 7th to 12th century.

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