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Best Season & Best time to visit Bangladesh

November to February is well thought-out as the peak tourist season in Bangladesh. The country has moderate weather. Winter season is considered as the peak season when temperature is low contrast to the other time of the year. During winter season temperature varies between 12 and 20 Degree Celsius without some exclusion of recent years when temperature goes down below 12. In winter, people love to travel around in Bangladesh due to the soothing weather. There are more or less no rains during this period. At the end of the December, there are colossal crowds in Chittagong regions as people go there to celebrate New Year in Beaches.


Two main tourist destinations in Bangladesh are Cox’s Bazar and Sunderban, which is the longest beach and largest mangrove forest of the world correspondingly, pass their busiest time during winter. You can also stopover some areas of Bangladesh during the rainy season as they have finest view in rainy season. Rangamati, Banderban and Sylhets are the chief tourist destinations for the rainy season. In summer and rainy season, the temperatures roam around 28-35 Degree Celsius and there are pouring rain falls in May, June and July. But it does not mean that there will be rain for days together in a row. You can also holiday Bangladesh in summer and rainy season.

Best Season : Nov - Feb. Temperature: Summer 28 - 35°C, Winter 15 - 20°C

Monthly Bangladesh Weather

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