Rajshahi, Bangladesh - Scenic Beauty

Backwaters, Monastery, Museum, Temple

Formerly known as Rampur Boaliaand and currently the Rajshahi, a township located besides the river Padma is often referred to as the education capital of the country. In monsoon the great Padma is in full spate with its tides and waves whereas in winter it reduces and you will feel the desert by the side of river. Rajshahi is famed for archeological and historical places like Mohastnangor, Paharpur Buddhist Monastery, Kantajee’s Temple, Ramshagar Dighi, Choto Sona Masjid, and Shopnopuri etc. one can get to see the famed Rajshahi University as well. One can also visit Borendra Research Museum. There you will find the antique elements of Paharpur, Mohasthangar and Mohenjodaro.

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