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Hong Kong Scenic

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Must See
Victoria Peak Nature

Famous for: Museum, Mountains, Shops and Restaurants

Victoria Peak is a good place to outlook its night scene. Being 554 meters above sea level, Victoria Peak is the uppermost point within Hong Kong and occupies the western part of the isle. The P...

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Avenue Of Stars Nature

Famous for: Peninsula hotel, Hongkong Skyline

To pay accolade to stupendous professionals of Hong Kong’s film diligence, HK$40 million was funded for the building of the Avenue of Stars. Avenue of Stars is situatedby the side of the V...

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Symphony Of Lights Nature

Famous for: Interactive Lighting and Music Show- A Night Show

A Symphony of Lights is a celebrated laser lights and music show in Hong Kong. It is maintained by the Hong Kong Tourism Commission through organizing 44 skyscrapers and landmarks that lie ...

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Disneyland Nature

Famous for: Main Street U.S.A, Fantasyland, Adventure Land, Flights of Fantasy Parade, Non-stop Fun from Day to Night, Toy Story Land

As the latest Disneyland in the world, Hong Kong Disneyland is a must-see because of its extraordinary attractions and the matchless sense of Chinese ethnicity. Walking into Hong Kong Disneyland...

Must See
Ocean Park Entertainment, Nature

Famous for: Amusement Park, Zamperla Mine Train, McDonalds, Cable Car ride, 3-storey Grand Aquarium, Ocean Theater

Ocean Park is a chief attraction in Hong Kong, the gleaming pearl of the Orient and world financial hub in southeast China. Hong Kong's meek weather and coastal scenery lures multitudes of v...

Must See
Ngong Ping Nature

Famous for: Giant Buddha Ngong Ping, Ngong Ping Village, Ngong Ping Garden Restaurant, Linong Tea House, Po Lin Monastery

Ngong Ping 360 is one of top Hong Kong's must-see enthrallments. Situated on Lantau Isle, Ngong Ping 360 includes an implausible cable car crossing and the ethnically themed Ngong Ping Villa...

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Repulse Bay Nature, Water

Famous for: Shallow Water Bay,Longevity Bridge of Kwun Yam Shrine, The curved building is the background is

Repulse Bay, positioned in the southern part of Hong Kong Isle, is the most fantastic bay in the area. Its name is sourced from a 19th century encounter in which the British army repulsed attack...

Must See
Aberdeen Harbour Nature, Water

Famous for: Jumbo Floating Restaurants, The Floating Seafood Restaurants, Aberdeen Night Cruise Tour,

On one of the southern tips of Hong Kong Isle, Aberdeen is the biggest settlement township with a populace of about sixty thousand. It was a pirates' burrow two centuries ago and shortly turned ...

Must See
Lan Kwai Fong Nature

Famous for: Nightlife Hot Spots, Restaurants, Bars and Clubs

Lan Kwai Fong is situated between Wyndham Street and D'Aguilar Street on Hong Kong Isle. This Central hot bed is famed for its night scene and award-winning banquets. As the most well-known ...

Must See
Hollywood Road Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Antiques and Chinoiserie,Horizon Plaza, Landmarks, Street Markets, Antique Shops

Hollywood Road and Upper Lascar Row are must-see stops on every tourist’s circuit. The street is overcrowded with antique shops and open-air knick-knackbazaar; these old-fashioned loc...

Must See
Stanley Market Murray House Nature, Water

Famous for: Sea Environs, Hong Kong Maritime Museum, Beautiful Beaches

Stanley Market is an admired souk settlement on the sun-drenched south side of Hong Kong Island. With its hassle-free ambiance, crusty sea hinterland and deal buys have made it world celebrated....

Must See
Ladies Street Nature

Famous for: Great Exciting Dai Pai Dongs

Anyone who visits Hong Kong would definitely know the survival of this famed street.It is a must-visit destination for style lovers with an eye for bargain-priced clothes, bags, accessories, toy...

Must See
Temple Street Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Street Bazaar, Open Air Night Market, Fortune Tellers, Wonton Noodles, Clay Pot Rice, Cantonese Opera Singers

Named after Tin Hau Temple, Temple Street is situated at Yau Ma Tei, Kowloon and is a Hong Kong renowned open air night souk. Temple Street is famous partially due to the many Hong Kong films se...

Must See
Fa Yuen Street Market Nature

Famous for: Shopping Haven, Mongkok New Town Mall, Sports-Shoes,

While Ladies Market is by far-off the larger and brasher of the two, Fa Yuen Street is also a luminous introduction to consumerism, Hong Kong style.There is so much to perceive and purchase here...

Must See
Jade Market Nature

Famous for: Jade business, three-tonne jade stone , jade accessories, rings, bangles, pendants and earrings

The Jade Market, just west of Nathan Road on the connection of Kansu and Battery Streets, is where merchants sell diverse shades and qualities of jade, a greenish stone found in East Asia.Jade i...

Must See
Wet Land Park Entertainment, Nature, Water

Famous for: Wetland Interactive World , Wetland indoor Aquarium, Wetland Bird Watch Tower, Hong Kong Wetland Park,

Home to a dramaticcollection of wildlife including birds, dragonflies, amphibians, mammals, reptiles, butterflies and fish, Hong Kong Wet Land Park is a top-notch ecotourism facility intended at...

Must See
Yuen Po Street Bird Market Nature

Famous for: Chinese-style theme park, Flower Market Rd, Bird Garden, Bird Cages

Yuen Po Street Bird Market, a charismatic Chinese-style garden is the privilegedmeeting place of Hong Kong’s songbird owners, who clutch their adored pets around in intricately engraved ca...

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Wong Tai Sin Temple Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: The Main Altar, Entrance of the Wong, Lamp holding statues, The Nine Dragon Wall, Fortune-telling stalls.

Wong Tai Sin Temple is one of Hong Kong most legendary temple, devoted to the Great Immortal Wong.When Wong Chuping was 15, he began to follow Taoism. Forty years later, he reached enlightenment...

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Golden Bauhinia Square Nature

Famous for: Fireworks, Flag Waving, Golden Bauhinia Statue,

In 1997, marks the significantinstance of the comeback of Hong Kong, the previous British colony to the People’s Republic of China, and the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administr...

Must See
Tai O Fishing Village Nature, Water

Famous for: Sea Foods, Stilt Houses, Fishing Culture

Located on a river mouth, the township is just the voucher if you want a bout of conventional Chinese living.The houses are constructed on stilts over the river and its slender lanes are filled ...