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Must See
Chateau De Chillon Land, Nature, Water

Famous for: Montreux and Lake Geneva

Boasting a magnificent location on the eastern rim of Lake Geneva and enclosed with Rocky Mountains, the Chillon Castle is a cherished sight. Somewhat distant and dreamlike as it nearly rises fr...

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Lake Lugano Land, Nature, Water

Famous for: Lake and Trees

Situated in the Italian-speaking part of southern Switzerland, the township of Lugano attracts visitors with Italian vibe, palm trees, picturesque avenues and dazzling panoramas of the milieu Al...

Must See
The Matterhorn Zermatt Land, Nature

Famous for: Mountains

It is precisely here, in the miniature village of Zemratt, where the nature-loving climbers can make a perfect start of their trips into the grand kingdom of lofty Alps. There are over 400 kilom...

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Old City Of Berne Nature, Water

Famous for: Towers and Buildings

Crowning a hill pinnacle and river-hugged with the Aare, the medieval Berne retains a lot of the old time charisma present in stonework squares, clock towers and walkway buildings coating the wa...

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Corniche Lavaux Vineyards Land, Nature

Famous for: Nature/ Wildlife Areas

A charming sight to behold, the Lavaux Vineyard Terraces floor covering the gradients with vines and verdant foliage lined with medieval stone walls. Stretching for about 30 km along the seashor...

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Chapel Bridge Kapellbrucke Nature

Famous for: Wooden bridges

Built in 1333, devastated by fire in 1993 and instantaneously restored to keep enjoying the class of the oldest stilted bridge in Europe, the Kapellbrücke's allure and historic air are ...

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Rhaetian Railway Albula Bernina Landscape Nature

Famous for: Historical Railway Lines

All fans of train spotting and roller coaster rides come to the region of Graubünden and find out location makes a difference. The Albula and Bernina lines cut transversely Switzerland'...

Must See
Benedictine Convent Of Saint John Mustair Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: World Heritage

The Convent of Müstair, which stands in a vale in the Grisons, is a good exemplar of Christian monastic restoration during the Carolingian period. It has Switzerland's greatest series o...

Must See
Rhine Falls Nature, Water

Famous for: Water Fall and River

Rhine Falls, situated in Neuhausen, is Europe's largest waterfall, cascading from a height of roughly 75 feet and 492 feet at its widest point. Tourists flock to Rhine Falls to enjoy the thu...

Must See
Old Town Of Geneva Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Restaurants and Hotels

Geneva might be a wide-reaching center for peacekeeping and global co-operation, but it definitely isn't devoid of holy essence. Follow the zigzag Rue St-Léger straight into the impre...

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Lindenhof Hill Land, Nature, Water

Famous for: Hills

Called the European banking center and an inexpressive financial machine, Zurich is its own serene haven, too. The Lindenhof Hill, as part of the city's Altstadt, not only bears momentous hi...

Must See
Abbey Of Saint Gall Heritage, Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Architectural Buildings, Libraries, Landmarks

At the middle of quaint St Gallen, an eastern Swiss metropolis that enlarged from the 7th century hermitage lays the Abbey of St Gall, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and expensive remnants of a ty...

Must See
Glarus Thrust Nature, Water

Famous for: Landscape and Nature

A lucid, razor-sharp line carving across the mountain faces catches the thoughtful observer's eye where the three Swiss provinces St. Gallen, Glarus and the Grisons meet. This natural viaduc...

Must See
Leysin Land, Nature, Snow

Famous for: Snowboarding

Leysin is located in the Vaud Alps at a height of 1200m, at the foot of the Tour d'Aï. It is idyllically situated for views of Mont Blanc, Dents du Midi, Diablerets and over the Rhine P...