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Alta Nature, Water

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Alta, the biggest town in the lightly occupied county of Finnmark, lies at the head of the Altafjord on the banks of the Alta, the best known Salmon River in Norway. It has direct air connection...

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Vardo Nature, Water

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

From Kirkenes and Vadsø there are boat services to Vardø, the most easterly township in Norway, which received its municipal charter in 1788. The North Harbor, protected by two bre...

Must See
Stavanger Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

In the center of Stavanger, at the north end of Kongsgata, stands the Cathedral, the most significant in Norway after Trondheim Cathedral. It was constructed at the end of the 11th century by Bi...

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Kristiansand Entertainment, Nature, Water

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

The port of Kristiansand lies on a height and almost square isthmus in the Skagerrak at the mouth of the Torridalselv the lower course of the Otra. The township, founded by Christian IV in 1641,...

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Narvik Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

The northern Norwegian harbor of Narvik lies at the western end of an isthmus between the Rombaksfjord to the north and the Beisfjord to the south. Both of these fjords are branches of the Ofotf...

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Reine Nature, Water

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

The main place on the isle of Moskenesøy is the fishing village of Reine, on the Kirkefjord, a much loved hang around in of painters and climbers. 10km southwest is the little settlement ...

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Atlantic Highway Nature, Water

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Between the towns of Molde and Kristiansund, alongside Norway's infamous Hustadvika channel, lie numerous islands which until quite lately could be reached only by ferryboat. The edifice of ...

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Arctic Circle Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

The Arctic and Antarctic Circles are imaginary lines drawn round the earth in latitudes 66.5° north and 66.5° south. The Arctic Circle, which is the one relating to Scandinavia, is the l...

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Lofoten Islands Land, Nature

Famous for: Mountain

The Lofotens - the Norwegian name Lofoten is singular are a series of mountainous islands strung out from northeast to southwest and separated from the mainland by the Vestfjord. The four main i...

Must See
Floyfjell Land, Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

The Fløyfjell Tunnel is a road passageway in the metropolis of Bergen. The tunnel goes through the Fløyfjellet mount massif between Sandvike...

Must See
Oslo Akershus Castle Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Fort

Akershus Castle is a medieval castle located in Oslo, the capital of Norway. The Akershus Fortress was constructed in the late 1290s by King Håk...