Alta, Norway - Scenic Beauty

Lakes, Scenic

Alta, the biggest town in the lightly occupied county of Finnmark, lies at the head of the Altafjord on the banks of the Alta, the best known Salmon River in Norway. It has direct air connections with Oslo and is on the main coast road (E 6). Its financial significance lies in the educational field, with two technical colleges. Though the township lies in latitude 70° north it has a mild inland typical weather which offers exceptional conditions for agriculture and forestry. The midnight sun can be seen here from May 16 to July 26, and between November 24 and January 18 the sun is not noticeable at all. The clear skies around Alta make it an idyllic location for studying the aurora borealis. Alta is served by the coastal vessels of the Hurtigrute. There are bus services from here to the North Cape and Hammerfest and to the Lapp townships of Karasjok and Kautokeino. Alta is also the place of rock carvings circa 4200 BC to 500 BC that are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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