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Must See
Paphos House Of Dionysos Mosaics Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Town of Paphos, Parks

Near the Paphos port are the outstandingly conserved mosaic roadways of the Villa of Dionysos, amongst the finest in the Mediterranean area. The mosaics, which chiefly portray scenes from Greek ...

Must See
Kato Paphos Acropolis And Odeon Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Architecture,Music,Art

This second century Odeon is built of sandstone. It is now used in the summer for music and theater performances. The theater has been partially refurbished after excavation. It is an arc with a...

Must See
Paphos District Archeological Museum Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Museum

Paphos District Archeological Museum is mounting as the finds from long-lasting excavations are added to the collection. It houses an attractive anthology of Cypriot antiquities from the Neolith...

Must See
Famagusta Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Nature,Island,Temple

The harbor of Famagusta, under Turkish profession, lies in a cove on the east coast of Cyprus, at the eastern end of the fertile Mesaoria Plain. The ancient city of Salamis, which had a good nat...

Must See
Paralimni Heritage, Nature, Pilgrim, Water

Famous for: Beach, Windmills

Paralimni is the biggest township in the Famagusta region. Even though most of the neighboring villages and resort areas are deserted during the winter months, Paralimni flourishes and draws man...