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Singapore Scenic

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Campbell Lane Nature

Famous for: Wooden Furniture and Fresh Flowers

A visit to the Campbell Avenue in Singapore will facilitate you to see a miniature version of India. It is a walk down memory lane kind of experience for all those Indians who dwell in...

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Changi Village Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Changi Village is situated at the northeastern part of Singapore. This small picturesque village is the warehouse of various natural essentials, charming beauties and individualistic customs. Th...

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China Town Nature

Famous for: Food street

The resettlements in the 19th and the 20th century from the diverse parts of South Asia have escorted to the development of multi-cultural community in Singapore. The Chinatown in Singapore incl...

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Kusu Island Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Temple

Kusu Island is a petite piece of terrain on the maritime. The island has a breathtaking milieu, which shells out a legendary touch to the place. The name 'Kusu islet means ...

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Lazarus Island And Sisters Island Nature, Water

Famous for: Water sports

Positioned in the southern part of Singapore, the Lazarus Island and Sisters Island are idyllic retreats for all those who greatly seek a break from the hurly burly lifestyles of the u...

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Little India Nature

Famous for: Multicultural Civilization

The Little India in Singapore jogs your memory of the Indians who had visited with the Sir Stamford Raffles to aid him and as soldiers. In the late 19th century one finds the immigration am...

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Orchard Road Nature

Famous for: Shopping Mall

Visitor attractions of Singapore are miscellaneous. Apart from the common geographical features, this metropolis holds diverse tourist attractions that have their individual implicatio...

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Ming Village Nature

Famous for: Shopping Arcades

Ming Village is one of the famous Shopping Arcades at Singapore and is located in the West Coast. It consumes customary systems of making Pottery items and stunning Pottery products th...