Monuments in Singapore

Singapore Monuments

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Must See
Arab Street Heritage, Pilgrim

Famous for: Mosque

Arab Street in Singapore is a place where you will find the Muslim culture amalgamation with others. Arab Street is named after a province just to craft an idiosyncrasy in reverence of the ...

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Emerald Hill Heritage

Famous for: Architecture

Emerald Hill is a preservation region situated in the areas named Newton and Orchard in Singapore. It was initially owned by a postal Clerk named William Cuppage. In the years 1837 and 1845 nutm...

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Armenian Church Heritage, Pilgrim

Famous for: Church

The Armenian Church plunks gallantly to the pride of the people of Singapore as the Oldest Church of Singapore. The well known architect Colonel George Chapman was believed to have commissi...

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Queen Elizabeth Walk Entertainment, Heritage, Water

Famous for: Museum

The Queen Elizabeth Walk is one of the most admired tourist spots in Singapore. Fashioned with a exclusive flavor of history, the place is situated along the business center of Singapo...

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Lost Civilization And Ruined City Sentosa Heritage

Famous for: Monuments

The Lost Civilization and Ruined metropolis in Sentosa are one of Singapore's natural allures and draws a large number of tourists every year. After the normal morose life in the metropolis,...

Must See
Dalhousie Obelisk Heritage, Water

Famous for: Architechture

Dalhousie Obelisk, Singapore is one of the main traveler attractions in Singapore. This traditionally noteworthy testimonial is situated on the north bank of the Singapore River in the Cent...

Must See
Empress Place Building Heritage, Water

Famous for: Museum

If you visit Singapore you shall be mesmerized by the grandeur of the Heritage Plaza also known as the Empress Place Building. It is a wing of the Asian Civilizations Museum at present that is l...