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Buckingham Palace Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Palace

Buckingham Palace is the Queen of England's London Residence for the Royal family. Buckingham Palace is famous the worldwide over as the hub of British Royal Pageantry and the throne of...

Must See
Stonehenge Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

For a cherished family excursion, visit the World Heritage Site of Stonehenge.  Situated near Salisbury in the gorgeous Wiltshire landscape, it is the underline of the South West. The true ...

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York Minster Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

York Minster is a church in York, England and is one of the biggest of its kind in Northern Europe. The cathedral that we know today took about 250 years to constru...

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Portmeirion Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Portmeirion is a small resort on the west coast of Wales that with a flavor of Mediterranean in manifestation and is said to have been built on the theme of an Italian urban of Portofino by its ...

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Stratford Upon Avon Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Stratford-upon-Avon, the place of birth of the legendary rhymester has long been a much loved tourist attraction of those living in and around United Kingdom. Situated on the river Avon, it is a...

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The Roman Baths Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

It is upon this spring that the initial Bathhouse was built in 4 AD subsequent the Roman invasion of Britain. The remarkably well conserved Great Bath remains to this day, as well as the holy sp...

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Warwick Castle Heritage, Nature, Water

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Warwick castle is daunting, yet wonderfully made castle overlooking a crook on the River Avon. It is located in the county township of Warwick in the West Midlands. The origins of Warwick C...

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Hampton Court Palace Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Hampton court is renowned for two things, its evade maze and the accounted sightings of several ghosts. It is also a former majestic palace positioned in southwest London and once echoed to the ...

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Edinburgh Castle Land, Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Edinburgh Castle is visited yearly by more or less one million people, is an ancient monument in the United Kingdom. Every tourist mainly those on a limited itinerary should stopover the Castle,...

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Kensington Palace Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Palace

Kensington Palace in London is an operational Royal residence. Of being great historical significance, Kensington Palace was the favorite abode of succeeding sovereigns until 1760. Kensingt...

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London Eye Nature, Water

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

The London Eye is a massive Ferris wheel positioned on the banks of the River Thames, in London England. The total structure is 135 meters tall and the wheel with a diameter of 120 met...

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Big Ben Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Big Ben is the huge bell inside the clock tower at the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London. The name is also used to submit to the tower itself. The clock tower is situated at ...

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Madame Tussauds London Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Museum

Madame Tussauds is the renowned London Waxworks museum. It is on the chief London traveler attractions itinerary and is not to be missed! Millions and millions of people ha...

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Horse Guards Parade London Land, Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Horse Ride

Horse Guards Parade is an outsized parade ground off Whitehall in central London. It is the place of the yearly ceremonials of Trooping the Color, which celebrates the sove...

Must See
British Museum Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Museum

The British Museum, in London, is said to be one of the world's supreme museums of human history and ethnicity. It’s the enduring collection, about eight million works...

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Tower Bridge Nature

Famous for: Bridge

Tower Bridge is a mesmerizing emblems London signpost with a great history. London Bridge was initially the only crossing for the Thames. As London developed, so more overp...

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Trafalgar Square Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Trafalgar Square, at the heart of London, is one of the city’s most pulsating open spaces. Renowned for its massive gather of wild pigeons and, formerly, New Years Eve cel...

Must See
St Pauls Cathedral Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Church

St. Paul's Cathedral has had a stimulating history. Five different churches were constructed at this place. The first church, devoted to the apostle Paul, dates back to 604 AD, when King Eth...

Must See
Canterbury Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Due to its charming history and legacy, Canterbury is one of the most attractive places to visit in the country. The township provides some remarkable cathedrals to visit such as that ...