United Kingdom Weather

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England has been pigeonholed as being wintry, grey and damp since the ancient Romans wrote home, but this is not a completely precise picture. Temperatures infrequently get very cold or very hot, and whilst the country surely gets rain, it's actually not as soaked as rumor has it. London alone has minor annual precipitation than Paris, New York and Sydney, and it's not unusual for parts of the realm to go without rain for weeks. Northern and western parts are typically wetter than the rest of England due to the customary wind from the North West shipping down cold humid air from the North Atlantic, and the hottest and warmest areas are in the far south and south east.


Winter and autumn are regularly the wettest seasons where the climate is often very unreliable and sometimes quite gusty, mainly in the north and west, where cold Arctic winds turn up. Spring conditions are very unstable: a day of hot sunbeams is likely as not to be pursued by a week of cold wind and rain; and vice versa. Intermittently snow even as late as May is not useless of in northern England, but it will liquefy speedily. Snow is chiefly unusual in the south east. Summer is usually humid in the south with usual highs frequently ranging from 18-23°C.

Best Season : Jun to Sept. Temperature: Summer 18 to 23°C, Winter 5 to 15°C