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Tsukiji Market Nature, Water

Famous for: Wholesale Fish and Seafood Market,Food Town

Tsukiji is a huge wholesale bazaar for fish, fruits and vegetables in central Tokyo. It is the most illustrious of over ten wholesale markets that handle the supply of fish, meat, produce a...

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Disneyland Tokyo Nature

Famous for: Tokyo Disneyland Park, Tokyo DisneySea Park, Hotels within Tokyo Disney Resort, Bon Voyage, Ikspiari

Everyone around the globe loves the Disney films and its characters, and as Japan is the land of anime-loving community, Mickey and all his friends are very much adored. The ambiance at Disneyla...

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Ginza Tokyo Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Shopping, dining, entertainment district, boutiques, art galleries, restaurants, night clubs, cafe

Ginza is Tokyo's most famed shopping center. Lined by elite shops and magnificent lavish stores which sell literally everything that can be found anywhere in the world, in the area there are...

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Asakusa Kannon Temple Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Sensō-ji , Nakamise-dōri , Shinto festival, Kaminarimon, Nakamise-Dori

The temple is devoted to Kannon, the Buddhist goddess of compassion. It has been here since the establishment of the conurbation. Though the buildings have been shattered numerous times, they st...

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Kabuki Theatre Tokyo Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Kabuki-za Tokyo's premier kabuki theater, Kabuki Drama, Kabuki Gallery , Kabuki short tours,

Kabuki is conventional Japanese theatre. It is well worth going to glimpse this medieval, highly trained and often parody theatrical form even if you do not understand one word of what is assume...

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Imperial Palace Tokyo Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Imperial Palace East Gardens, Concerts by Foreign Artists, Science Museum , National Museum of Modern Art.

The main attraction of the Marunouchi district is undeniably the Imperial Palace with its parks bounded by walls and moats which date back to 1613. It is the home to the royally family. The Impe...

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Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum Heritage, Nature

Famous for: He Peace Memorial Museum

The Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum presents a very prejudiced view of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. It very much portrays the people of Hiroshima as the great fatalities of World War II. The...

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Hakone Open Air Museum Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Museum

Close to both Tokyo and Mount Fuji the small township of Hakone holds something of a surprise.  Set in the striking landscape of Hakone, the Hakone Open-Air Museum established in 1969 as th...

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Byodoin Temple Kyoto Heritage, Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Temples and Architechtures

The Byodoin Temple, a typical exemplar of the temple architecture of the Heian period is the site initially occupied by a country residence which belonged to Minamoto Toru, Fujiwara-no-Michinaga...

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Ginkakuji Temple Kyoto Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Temple

The Ginkakuji (or Silver Pavilion) Temple lies in the northeast part of the conurbation. In contrast to the Kinkakuji, also called the Golden Pavilion Temple, this was never festooned with a cas...

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Memorial Cathedral Of World Peace Hiroshima Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Church

The Memorial Cathedral of world peace is also known as the Noboricho Church of Hiroshima and it is one among the copious buildings that have been shattered by the atom bomb in the Second World W...

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Fukuoka Castle Ruins Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Fukuoka Castle is situated in Fukuoka Prefecture, which is on Kyushu islet, Japan. Constructed in 17th century by Nagamasa Kuroda, the primary daimyo or feudal lord of Chikuzen, Fukuoka Castle n...

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Tsukiyama Gardens Entertainment, Nature

Famous for: Gardens

This is one of the oldest and one of the most admired gardens in Japan and is also well-known as the Hill gardens. The reason behind this is because of the fact that these gardens possess an art...

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Nagoya Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

Nagoya, a major town of Aichi zone and Japan's fourth biggest city, lies in central Honshu. Its location in the airy Ise Bay, opening on to the Pacific, has supported the growth of the harbo...

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Karesansui Gardens Entertainment, Nature

Famous for: Gardens

Karesansui Gardens are the second kind of gardens found in Japan and are the landscape gardens. The most significant elements of Karesansui Gardens are sands and rocks. The sand is used as a sub...

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Atsuta Jingu Shrine Nature

Famous for: Shrine

Atsuta Shrine is the most significant Shinto shrine in Japan. In this shrine one of three regal insignia, the "grass-mowing sword" was conserved. In Japanese legends, the sword initial...