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Historic Centre Heritage, Nature

Famous for: International Port and Monuments

In the mid 16thcentury, the Portuguese started to inhabit and do business in the southwest area of the Macau peninsula. Macau consequently developed into a major harbor in China open ...

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Senado Square Nature

Famous for: Historic Centre of Macau

Senado Square is a community square in Macau. It is situated in the mid area of the Macau Peninsula. Wrapping an area of 3,700 square meters, this is one of the four biggest squares in Macau; th...

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Ruins Of St Pauls Heritage, Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Mount Fortress and Macau Museum

The Ruins of St. Paul's also identified as Sam Ba Sing Tzik stands neighboring to the famed Mount Fortress and Macau Museum. The front frontage and the splendid stone stairs are the only rem...

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Monte Fort Heritage, Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: An Antique Tower

Of all the fortresses in Macau, the Monte castle is the oldest, lying to the east of the Ruins of St. Paul's. Erected in 1616, it initially belonged to St. Paul's Church and was used to ...

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St. Domingos Church Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Domingo's Church

Situated right in the heart of Senado Square of Macau, St. Domingo's Church was built by the Spanish Dominican friars who adored St. Domingo and Lady Fatima - a Portuguese goddess ...

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Macau Museum Heritage, Nature

Famous for: The Museum of Macau

The Museum of Macau is the largest museum in Macau. It is situated in the famed Monte Fortress, in the heart of the metropolis and where the Portuguese first turned up. Building of the muse...

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Camoes Garden And Grotto Entertainment, Nature

Famous for: Macau's Oldest Parks

Camoes Garden and Grotto, or just Camoes Garden as well, is one of Macau's oldest parks. The park is also Macau's biggest, wrapping an area of nearly 20,000 square meters. Camoes Garden ...

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Sun YatSen Park Entertainment, Nature

Famous for: The Biggest Park on the Macau Isthmus

While visiting Macau, it is suggested that you take the occasion to see the Sun Yat-Sen Park which is located in the northwest of the Macau Peninsula. This park is one of forty-three Sun Yat-Sen...

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Kun Iam Temple Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Kun Iam Temple- The Most Remarkable and Glorious Temple

Kun Iam Temple is the most remarkable and glorious of the three most renowned temples of Macau. With a history dating back as early as 1632 in the Ming Dynasty, it has many likenesses with primo...

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Lin Fung Temple Lotus Temple Heritage, Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: The Most FamousTemple and Palaces

Lin Fung Temple, together with A-Ma Temple and Kun lam Temple are the three most famous temples in Macau. Lin Fung Temple was constructed during the Ming Dynasty and initially named Tianfei Temp...

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Lou Lim Lok Garden Entertainment, Nature, Water

Famous for: Beautiful Garden and River

Lou Lim Lok Garden is located in central Macau Peninsula; with an area of 1.78 hectares is the only Suzhou style garden in Macau. The garden boasts elegant and tranquil panorama just s...

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Maritime Museum Heritage, Nature

Famous for: The Museum Structure

Dwelling an area of 800 square meters, the Macau Maritime Museum was constructed on the site where the first group of Portuguese travelers landed on Macau in 1553. Engorged in 1990, the museum p...

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Coloane And Taipa Nature

Famous for: Macau's Eminent Seashore

The isle of Coloane boasts that it is an ecstasy for people who like a serene milieu and wish to get away from the bustling urban life. The HacSa Bay (Black Sand Bay) is one of Macau's emine...

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Macau Tower Land, Heritage, Nature

Famous for: Macau Tower- A Significant Milestone of Macau

If you are planning to visit Macau, do not forget to set off to Macau Tower, a significant milestone of Macau. It was intended by Gordon Moller, a famed architect of New Zealand. The edifice was...

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AMa Temple Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: The Oldest Temple in Macau

Approximately four hundred years ago, the Portuguese landed on a sea peninsula near a temple. They inquired the local populace the name of the terrain, but the locals misunderstood, presuming th...

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Grand Prix Museum Heritage, Nature

Famous for: The Grand Prix Museum

The Grand Prix Museum in Macau contains shows that are connected to Grand Prix globally counting photos, videos, demonstrated articles, cups, records of champions and some remembrance items. It ...

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Wine Museum Heritage, Nature

Famous for: The Amusing Wine Museum

Launched on December 25, 1995, the Wine Museum intended to commence the progression of fermenting mores of wine to visitors. The museum engages an area of 1400 square meters with a collection of...

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Venetian Resort Hotel Nature

Famous for: The Largest Interior Shopping Centre

The Venetian Macau-Resort-Hotel is situated on the Cotai Strip, Estrada da Baía de N. Senhora da Esperança with a region of about 980,000 square meters.  Inaugurated on August...

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Guan Yin Statue Heritage, Nature

Famous for: An Effigy of Bronze Guan Yin statue

Not far from the MGM Grand hotel and casino, there is an effigy of Guan Yin statue is prepared ​​out of bronze as high as 20 feet above the edifice fashioned like a lotus bud. Simi...

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Casino Building Heritage, Nature

Famous for: The Casino Interior Design

Though not like to gamble, a time to enter the casino building, and appreciative the casino interior design in this previous Portuguese colony. Additionally to The Venetian Macau, ther...