Kun Iam Temple, Macau - Kun Iam Temple- The Most Remarkable and Glorious Temple

Temple, Scenic

Kun Iam Temple is the most remarkable and glorious of the three most renowned temples of Macau. With a history dating back as early as 1632 in the Ming Dynasty, it has many likenesses with primordial Chinese temples. It is also famous as the site of the initial Sino-American contract which was signed in 1844. Kun Iam Temple has three major shrines fitting one behind another. It consists of one Hall of Sakyamuni, one Buddha of Longevity Hall and one Kun Iam Hall with numerous small shrines around these three main halls. A bronze bell, 300 years old, dangles nearby the hall. Tranquil and serene, this figurine is a pictogram of Buddha's principle: to deliver all living creatures from agony.

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