Coloane and Taipa, Macau - Macau's Eminent Seashore


The isle of Coloane boasts that it is an ecstasy for people who like a serene milieu and wish to get away from the bustling urban life. The HacSa Bay (Black Sand Bay) is one of Macau's eminent seashore bathing places. North of the Bay is an extravagance hotel with golf-courses. Another admired shore scene is Bamboo Bay to the south of the islet, which offers windsurfing and horse racing for sports lovers.Taipa, associated to the Macau neck of land by the Macau-Taipa Bridge and Friendship Bridge, is where Macau International Airport is placed. The biggest casino venue in the city - Macau Jockey Club's horse racing - is the most thrilling thing for Macauese. Five-star hotels offer lavish amenities and spendthrift casinos to gamblers.

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