Travel Within Macau


Macau is the gateway to China from South China Sea and is situated on the western coast of the Pearl River Delta. Due to urbanized means of transport, Macau has now turned into a trouble-free to holiday destination and has added to its attractiveness. Visitors to Macau are regularly surprised by the tidy way that traffic moves in this small conurbation. On average some 130,000 vehicles every day take to the slender and zigzag roads in an area of under 30 square kilometers, so a well controlled traffic plan has demonstrated essential. Some 80% of the lanes are one-way and this guarantees that outside the morning and evening peak periods there is little clogging. A copious supply of taxis at the airport and ferryboat terminals together with a first-rate public bus service helps with the movement of people at all times. A vital feature of which the tourist should be aware is that the traffic in Macau commutes on the left hand side of the road! TRANSMAC and TCM are the two bus companies functioning all public buses and mini buses in the city. Bus lines envelop roughly all the attractions and hotels on the Macau Peninsular and the major traveler spots on the out-of-the-way islands of Taipa and Coloane.