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Macau Food


Food and entertainment go hand in hand in Macau. Onset of people from plethora of cultures makes sure that there are a lot of things available on the menu card in Macau. Thai, Indian, European, Japanese, Malay, Chinese, Korean, Peranakan, Indonesian cuisines contend with one another to ignite the taste buds. Portugal dishes are very trendy in Macau. Traditional Portuguese dishes comprise bacalhau, the country's dearly loved cod, served baked, grilled, stewed or boiled; oxtail and ox breast; rabbit prepared in an assortment of luscious ways; and soups such ascaldoverde. The Portuguese learnt to use spices in India and Africa. They liked and carried the formula anywhere they went. This is evident in Macau where well-liked dishes are parched with chilies and peppers. Portuguese red and white wines are offered in moderately low prices.