Lin Fung Temple Lotus Temple, Macau - The Most FamousTemple and Palaces

Temple, Scenic, Palace

Lin Fung Temple, together with A-Ma Temple and Kun lam Temple are the three most famous temples in Macau. Lin Fung Temple was constructed during the Ming Dynasty and initially named Tianfei Temple. The building's latest structural design is the consequence of several renewals originated from the Qing Dynasty. The entire complex is covers of a group of fortresses. Tianhou Palace, which is in the core of the complex, is dedicated to Kwan-yin. The monarch Wu Palace is located to the left and Renshou Palace (the fortress of Benevolence and Longevity) is located to the right of Tianhou Palace. Yiling Palace, Shennong Palace, Juyong Palace, and Doumu Palace are also parts of the building.

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