Fort in Macau

Macau Fort

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Must See
Ruins Of St Pauls Heritage, Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: Mount Fortress and Macau Museum

The Ruins of St. Paul's also identified as Sam Ba Sing Tzik stands neighboring to the famed Mount Fortress and Macau Museum. The front frontage and the splendid stone stairs are the only rem...

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Monte Fort Heritage, Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: An Antique Tower

Of all the fortresses in Macau, the Monte castle is the oldest, lying to the east of the Ruins of St. Paul's. Erected in 1616, it initially belonged to St. Paul's Church and was used to ...

Must See
Macau Museum Heritage, Nature

Famous for: The Museum of Macau

The Museum of Macau is the largest museum in Macau. It is situated in the famed Monte Fortress, in the heart of the metropolis and where the Portuguese first turned up. Building of the muse...