Temple in Dwarka, Gujarat

Dwarka Temple

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Must See
Dwarkadheesh Temple Pilgrim, Water

Famous for: The ancient temple dedicated to Lord Krishna

Popularly known as the Jagat Temple, the Dwarkadheesh Temple is an ancient religious place which is dated back to 2500 years. Originally built by King Vajranabha, the great grandson of Lord Kris...

Must See
Gita Mandir Heritage, Pilgrim

Famous for: A popular religious destination built by Birlas

Located at the western ghats of Dwarka, the Gita Mandir is a popular religious destination to be visited by the tourists. It was built by Birlas in 1970 and showcases the values of Bhagwad Gita ...

Must See
Beyt Dwarka Land, Entertainment, Nature, Pilgrim, Water

Famous for: A small island believed to be the residence of Lord Krishna

BeytDwarka, small island is located at a distance of 30 km from the main city of Dwarka and is a must visit destination. Believed to be the residence of Lord Krishna, the Beyt Dwarka is surround...

Gomti Ghat Nature, Pilgrim, Water

Famous for: A holy kund at River Gomati

The Gomti River is also said to be the sacred Ganges that falls from heaven and it is here that it meets the Arabian Sea at the Chakratirtha Ghat. And the place where Gomati meets the ocean is k...

Rukshamanee Mandir Heritage, Nature, Pilgrim, Water

Famous for: An ancient temple dedicated to Rukmani

Rukshamanee temple is dedicated to Rukmani, the most beloved queen of Lord Krishna. Located on the banks of river Bhagirathi, the small temple bewitches the visitors with its marvelous architect...

Nageshwar Jyotirlinga Temple Entertainment, Pilgrim

Famous for: A temple dedicated to Lord Shiva

Situated at the outskirts of Dwarka,Nageshwar Templeis a popular shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva. Referred as one of the 12 jyotilingas in India, the temple has an interesting legend behind its o...

Shradha Peeth Heritage, Pilgrim

Famous for: The first Peeth in country established by Adi Shankaracharya

ShradhaPeeth is the first Peeth of all the four Peeths which were established by Adi Shankaracharya. The Shradha Peeth is believed to be over 250 years old and was found in 491 AD and every year...

Panch Kuai Nature, Pilgrim, Water

Famous for: A religious attraction at River Gomati

Also known as Panchard or five rivers, PanchKuaiis located at the eastern side of Dwarka. Lying on the other end of Gomati River, the site is a popular attraction for the devotees. A famous Panc...

Gopi Talav Nature, Pilgrim, Water

Famous for: A beautiful water body surrounded by yellow sand

Gopi Talav is a small beautiful water body and is surrounded by yellow sand which is called as Gopi Chandan. This sandal sand is used to make tilak on the Lord by the devotees. The place also ho...