History of Dwarka


The city of Dwarka holds an important place in the history of India. In earlier times, it was known as Swaravati or Kaushasthali and was an important kingdom located at the coast of Saurashtra. It is said that around 1500 BC, Lord Krishna left Mathuraafter slaying Kansa and founded this golden city of Dwarka on the banks of River Gomati. This beautiful planned city of Dwarka was built by Vishwakarma with 700,000 lavish palaces made up of gold and silver. However, the original inhabitants of the city were Kabas and Modas. It is also believed that after the death of Lord Krishna, a massive flood came in the sea and the city got submerged under the water.


The historians say that Dwarka has drowned into the sea six times and the present day Dwarka is the seventh such city to be constructed in the region.In 1947, it was declared as a part of the district of Baroda and in 1961, when Gujarat state was formed, Dwarka was ranked as one of the important cites of the state.