Culture of Dwarka



The people of Dwarka are very traditional and respect their values and customs. They are quite simple living and have preserved their ancient art and craft. They feel proud to follow their traditional beliefs and are very generous and kind by nature.


Religion and Language

The majority of population in Dwarka belongs to Hindu religion however a small ratio of Muslims and Christians also dwell in the city. The major languages to be spoken her are Gujarati and Hindi.


Fairs and Festivals

Janmashtami is the major festival that is celebrated in Dwarka with great pomp and show. This day makes the birth of Lord Krishna and is celebrated in the month of Shravan. Other festivals to be celebrated in the city are Holi, Diwali and Dusshera etc.



The cuisine followed in Dwarka is strictly vegetarian with lots of delicious flavors- from sweet to sour and salty to spicy. The inhabitants of Dwarka love to cook and serve the traditional Gujarati cuisineincluding the dals and seasonal vegetables.