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Gujarat  - Jewel in the West

The state of Gujarat, precisely called the “Jewel in the West”, has incredible things for everyone in its pot. One can stopover in Gujarat for adventurous wildlife getaways in Gir, for a tranquil sun and polished sand holiday on shore of Gopnath's beaches, a splendidly inspiring sightseeing experience at the 863 Jain temples’ bunches in Palitana or a visit to a dinosaur egg hatchery at Raiyoli. And this is just to cite a few of its numerous attractions. This state is one of the majorly industrialized and progressive states in India, with its main cities being Ahmedabad, Vadodara and Surat, blends a multihued fusion of old and the contemporary. Gujarat's charming shoreline tenders a number of prospects for water sports and adventures, whilst its diverse locales endows with unique natural worlds viewing opportunity in its sanctuaries.


Gujarat tourism offers visits to many places with historical bearing. The state is known for witness the epic salt march on the beaches of Dandi and is also abode to the Mahatma's legacy from Porbander, the birth place of the father of the nation, and to Ahmedabad's Sabarmati Gandhi Ashram. A spiritual, cultural and historical vista unfurls in Gujarat, where one can visit some of the most vital pilgrimage locates for the Hindus and Jains, or where one could just peep into its majestic past at the many regal palaces that have now been rehabilitated into heritage hotels in Gujarat. A voyage throughout Gujarat offers an absolute experience with a little to offer for every category of tourist.


The local and most commonly spoken language of Gujarat is called Gujarati. Indeed the inhabitants of this territory are called Gujarati. People from various states migrate to Gujarat to find a better career, forming Gujarat a sundry state. Customary festivities are also a chief attraction, the most unique celebration of these takes places throughout nine days of the Navaratras. Other attractions of Gujarat include the Somnath Temple and the Dwarkanath Temple. The Somnath Temple is located in Saurashtra which houses one of the twelve Jyotirlingas or cipher of Lord Shiva. This holy place is also called as the “Shrine Eternal”. This temple is also said to be mentioned in the Rig Veda, an ancient holy compilation of hymns devoted to the gods. The Dwarkanath Temple is also called the abode of Lord Krishna. It is located on the tip of the Arabian Sea in western part of Gujarat; there subsists the “Rann of Kutchch” which is renowned all over the world for the extraordinary ecological unit, terrain and fossil.


Gujarat is particularly known for its sarees. A lot of these sarees are elaborately designed with inlaid zari. The Patola Silk from Patan is well-known and one of the largest selling textiles in the larger cities. It is renowned for Bandhnis, the conventional Ghagra-Cholis are branded to be the outstanding craftsmen, and there is a rich armory of art and craft at these hubs. Jamnagar is famed for its tie-and-dye fabrics and brightly colored needlework textiles.


All the way through the seventeenth century, Gujarat was perhaps the most imperative hub for superior doable embroidery on the globe. Nowadays, the world's affluent source of folk needlework is originated in the girdle encompassing Kutch and Saurashtra. Wedding attires, wall draperies, coverlets, cradle clothing and animal paraphernalia are embroidered, appliquéd, adorned with beads and embroidered with mirrors, glitters, buttons and seashells. Each social order leaves behind the expertise that are untouched from generation to generation,  its own unique designs, colors and variety of stitches and mainly the tie-and-dye and block-printed designs, form the chief illustrated element of a pecking order’s enriching uniqueness.

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Jan 15-17, 2016
Modhera-Dance-Festival in Gujarat
Modhera Dance Festival  - Garba Dance Festival
Duration: 3 Days
Where: Gujarat

A temple of the eleventh century in Modhera of Mehsana district, Gujarat is in ruins. This Sun Temple is the venue for the Modhera Dance festival and is located on the bank of river Pushpavati. The architecture is ...

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