Dwarkadheesh Temple, Dwarka, Gujarat - The ancient temple dedicated to Lord Krishna

Temple, Lakes

Popularly known as the Jagat Temple, the Dwarkadheesh Temple is an ancient religious place which is dated back to 2500 years. Originally built by King Vajranabha, the great grandson of Lord Krishna, this temple belongs to the Chalukya style of architecture. Dedicated to Lord Krishna, it is a five storied building with a 70.5 meters high spire. The main shrine of the temple premises is supported by 60 pillars made up of granite and sandstone. There are two entrances to enter the temple. The main one to the north is known as the Moksha Dwara and the other to the south is called as the Swarga Dwar. This entrance faces towards the Gomati River and the devotees have to take a holy dip in the river before having the darshan of the deity. To enter the temple, the people have to climb 56 steps representing 52 administrative divisions of Yadav kingdom and the remaining four represent the idols of other Gods.

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