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Must See
Aachen Cathedral Heritage, Pilgrim

Famous for: Monuments and churchus

Accomplished in stages between the 8th and 19th, the Aachen Cathedral imitates all the artistic tendencies ever adopted all through ages. Formerly enthused by the churches of the Eastern Holy Ro...

Must See
Wies Church Heritage, Pilgrim

Famous for: Church and Museum

What may today seem a hotbed for the intellectually-oriented part of the traveler throng was once a stomping ground of Bach, Goethe, Nietzsche, Schiller, Liszt and many more. The air of motivati...

Must See
Old Town Of Quedlinburg Heritage, Pilgrim

Famous for: Church

Quedlinburg, in the Land of Sachsen-Anhalt, was a capital of the East Franconian German Empire at the time of the Saxonian-Ottonian ruling era. It has been a flourishing trading townsh...