Lakes in Germany

Germany Lakes

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Must See
Bavarian Alps Land, Nature, Water

Famous for: Lakes and Mountains

The German Alps rise quite abruptly from the undulating hills of the Alpine Foreland of Bavaria, thus creating a spectacular panorama. The slender periphery of mountains runs along the German bo...

Must See
Berchtesgaden National Park Land, Nature, Water

Famous for: Forests and Mountain

This is loveliness in its purest form. Here nature has urbanized freely, almost without a touch of a human hand, and fashioned an alpine paradise of lush forests, abrupt rock faces, crystal clear lake...
Must See
Schloss Herrenchiemsee Heritage, Water

Famous for: Palace

In 1873 King Ludwig II of Bavaria acquired the Herreninsel with the purpose of building his Royal Palace in the middle of Bavaria's biggest lake. And one can barely find his willpower astoni...