Mountaineering in Badrinath, Uttarakhand

Badrinath Mountaineering

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Badrinath Temple Land, Nature, Pilgrim

Famous for: The most famous pilgrimage destination for Hindus in Uttarakhand

The famous Badrinath Temple, located at a height of 3133 meters, is the most sacred pilgrimage destination for the Hindus in Uttaranchal. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the temple is located at the b...

Must See
Neelkanth Land, Nature

Famous for: A majestic snow clad peak in Badrinath

Neelkanth is also known as the ‘Garhwal Queen’, the Neelkanth Mountain is a snow clad peak which is in the shape of a pyramid. Standing majestically in the backdrop of sacred Badrina...

Bheem Pul Land, Entertainment, Nature, Water

Famous for: A huge rock places across river Saraswati

BheemPul is a huge rock that looks like a natural bridge across the Saraswati River. This is located opposite to the Vyas Gufa in Mana village and proffers an exhilarating view to experience ove...

Satopanth Land, Entertainment, Nature, Water

Famous for: A beautiful triangular lake

Satopanth is a beautiful triangular lake with having three corners extending up to 1 km within its circumference. Located about 25 km from Badrinath, the lake is perched high at an altitude of 4...