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Uttaranchal – The Devbhumi of India

Uttaranchal / Uttarakhand, known as the Devbhumi - Land of God, is a tourist’s perfect enchantment. It is rightly called so as this state dwells the numerous divine Hindu temples, sacred and propitious places of worship. From its hoary mount ranges to the pallid garrulous water in its rivers, it is the portrait of harmony and excellence. It comprises of the perfect holiday hot spot as it tenders something to every traveler, whether it is adventure sports such as hiking, skiing and water rafting to natural world expeditions to serene holy pilgrimages, and the list goes on. Tourists can relish the view of charming hills, which comprises of the western part of the Himalayan ranges. 

Uttaranchal is alienated into two chief regions according to enriching cultural distinctions - Garhwal and Kumaon. The Garhwal division comprises seven districts counting Dehradun the capital, while the Kumaon division has six districts beneath it. Cuddled in the hills of the glorious Himalayas, the Kumaon province draws many tourists all round the year. Nainital, one of the most celebrated hill stations of India, is a soothing province situated in this division. It is portrayed by an attractive view of the hills and a charismatic lake. 

The chief attraction in the district of Kumaon is the “Corbett National Park” and “Tiger Reserve” which was built in 1936. It was the first park commisioned of its kind and is very famous for its distinct features. Kausani is an additional tourist spot that is documented for its dense forests and charming view of the “Nanda Devi mountain range”. Other known hill stations in the area are Binsar and Chaukori. 

One can also relish nature’s exquisiteness and audacious activities at Munsiyari. If you are looking for spiritual tranquility, visit the eminent Narayan Ashram and Mayawati Ashram nearby. Pilgrimages are built by the disciples of diverse places of religious interest in this province, the chief places being Jageshwar, Patal Bhuvaneshwar, Meetha Reetha Shahib, and Nanakmatta. In addition, for more audacious pilgrims - the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra and the Chota Kailash Yatra are the prominent ones. If you are looking out for a purely adventures holiday, this state has loads to offer as one can trek along the Himalayan itineraries. Lots of fairs and carnivals take place like the “Nanda Devi mela” and “Bagwal” and are solely a muse to look at. Pithoragarh, known as ‘little Kashmir’, is a small township perfect for mountaineers, pilgrims and tourists alike.

Garhwal is picturesque area situated right in the heart of the Himalayas with the holy river of Ganga and Yamuna bordering it. Dehradun is the most well-liked tourist lure in this state. It is typically explained as charming and divine and has the towns of Rishikesh and Mussoorie in it. Rishikesh is a major pilgrim hub for Hindus with its temples and ashrams but also serves to the exploratory with its river rafting activities. Mussoorie known as “the queen of hill stations” is noticeably stunning with its gorgeous view of the mountain ranges. 

The well-known “Maha Khumbh Mela” takes place at Haridwar which draws tons of devotees every year. It is known as the ‘Gateway to God’ and is measured as one of the most sacred places of the Hindus. Tehri Garhwal is a chief tourist place in Uttaranchal, situated in the external ranges of the Himalayas and is famed for the Tehri Dam and Tehri Lake. The major religious hubs well-liked amongst pilgrims are Gangotri, Yamunotri, Badrinath and Kedarnath. Collectively these four sacred places are termed as ‘Char Dham’.  Chamoli envelops numerous religious spots, picturesque rivers and impressive snow capped mountain peaks, which is pleasant for tourists who love adventure. The valley of flowers is another noteworthy and a chief tourist destination in Chamoli. Here tourists can view hundreds of diverse flower species and experience the exquisiteness of nature at its best.

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