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Arunachal Pradesh – A state with many colors

Arunachal Pradesh is one of the paranormal, magical and unfathomable places in India crinkled away in the north eastern belt of India. This state is one of the most convincing tourist destinations. The exquisiteness of Arunachal Pradesh is fabricated in its charming mountain ranges, luxuriant valleys and fleet watercourses. The times of yore signifies a diverse constructions and monuments located here and is an additional major tourist attraction. 


Arunachal Pradesh is the territory of the most splashed, marvelous and multilingual ethnicities of the globe. The state also swanks an exclusive locale with elevated altitude pastures, glaciers, surfeit of bionetwork and the splendid sub-tropical forests. The glossy brooks which amble throughout the state of Arunachal Pradesh add that unique charisma to the state.  The flora and fauna of Arunachal Pradesh is affluent and diverse. The tigers, elephants, jungle cats, leopards and some red pandas and white gibbons are found in plenty here. The natives of Arunachal Pradesh here have an implausible flavor for their folk songs, handcrafts and a variety of artistic activities. As a traveler traversing across this part of country, you are certain to be amused. 


Tawang monastery in Arunachal Pradesh is renowned for its 400 years old Buddhist Monastery locally addressed as the Gumpha. It is the origin of saintly life of the cohorts of the Gellupa cult of the Mahayana school of Buddhism. The Tawang Monastery is allied with the well-known Torgva carnival which is observed during the eleventh Monpa month called the Dawa Chukchipah for the duration of December to January as stated by the Buddhist Calendar. The Tibetan influence here is inimitable, with the ornately painted timber windowpanes and other decorations. Prayer flags waves out in the gust. One can also get to see a giant 8 meter golden statue of Lord Buddha. A must visit hotspot of this place is the handicraft centre that manufactures very fine woolen carpeting of multihued designs and visors. Se La Pass, which lies on the way to Tawang, is the World's Second highest Pass, at an altitude of 4,125 meter, which impales a minute edge and next to a composed lake called the Paradise Lake, in India. This is the highest pass of the state of Arunachal Pradesh and the third highest of the world and is a breathtaking place to visit. 


The western part of Arunachal Pradesh is conquered by the analogous of Itanagar, Bhalukpong and Tawang. These are the most significant places and are remarkable tourist hotspots. Itanagar, the capital city of Arunachal Pradesh, is home to celebrated forts and monuments.  Also branded as the Ganga Lake by the locals, the Gekar-Senyi Lake is 6 kilometers commencing from Itanagar. The jungles around this place show off some striking breeds of birds and animals. The well-known hornbill can be seen at this place. Bamboo groves, orchids pilled on lofty trees are a few of the foliage can be seen here. It is a beautiful place for excursions, boating and picnics. Spending time with your loved ones here is truly worthwhile. The lake is a picturesque place to spend some good time.  The state museum is one more chief attraction for the travelers as of the magnificent collected works and the endeavor by the State to conserve tribal mores. It boasts unusual ornaments, crafts, clothing and armaments that were worn by the tribes in the former centuries. One can spend few hours here before you jump into some entertaining activities like boating and nature walks. The nature walk during the nighttime is barely missed by any traveler visiting this part of Arunachal Pradesh. 


Namdapha, a well administered tiger reserve that boasts of some rare classes of tigers is literally a visual treat for the tourists who love to experience wildlife. You can also locate leopards, snow and cloudy leopards here. Overall, Arunachal Pradesh will be an awe-inspiring experience with the perfect mix of ethnicity, wildlife and shopping.

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