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The Picturesque - Jammu and Kashmir

Jammu and Kashmir, for many years now, has been referred as one of the chief tourist hubs in Northern India. Owing to the splendid beauty of the state, it portrays itself as a “valley down from heavens”. The cool and pleasing climate and its picturesque vista of Jammu and Kashmir tempt you to discover its snow-white peaks, the strikingly beautiful valleys and frosty rivers. The state remains chilly all through the year and extreme at times, molding it as an ideal summer getaways.


Topologically, the state is divided into three main provinces - Jammu, Ladakh and the Kashmir valley. One gets plenty of adventurous opportunity in this place as this itinerary is the ideal place for trekking and hiking.  Jammu and Kashmir tenders its tourist’s gratifying warmth and a lot to look forward for. With delicious delicacies and Kashmiri cuisines, extravagance boat houses and godly looking valleys to visit, one can not feel dull and dry in Jammu and Kashmir. Undoubtedly, Jammu and Kashmir is one of the zenith charming states in India.


Jammu being the northern most zone of the state is famous for its significant temples and shrines. Jammu is famous to be a city that is bestowed with soothing ambiance and has a diverse variation in ethnicity to Kashmir and Ladakh. The Line of Control (LOC) bifurcate India and Pakistan is located in this place. Jammu domiciles one of the most sacred places for Hindu’s in India - the Vaishno Devi shrine, which is encompassed beneath a cave. Jammu, located on the buttes of the Himalayas has numerous of lakes that attracts tourists all through the year. The Mansarovar Lake is just the right location for camping, with tranquil flora and fauna nearby the lake. The Lake also has a fascinating piece of history which throngs in tourists all round the year. The Bahu fort, erected approximately 300 years ago, houses a temple devoted to Hindu Goddess Kali. The fort is considered sacred, as it is thought to have been the hiding place of the deity when she was combating an evil spirit, and is frequented by tourists and pilgrims equally.


Kashmir forms the superior part of the state and mostly consists of several valleys. Srinagar, the capital of Jammu and Kashmir is situated in Kashmir. Kashmir is well-known for its moist apples and the extraordinary saffron yarns. The Dal Lake, which is said to be the undoubtedly India’s most gorgeous lake, is situated in Kashmir. The lake which remains frozen for all round the year attracts visitors mainly during summer, when the ice liquefies and gushes for boat houses and other water activities. The loveliness and sightseeing prospective of the gorge has complied Kashmir an area of inconsistency between the two countries -India and Pakistan. A fact to be noted is that various parts of Jammu and Kashmir are governed by three countries including India, Pakistan and China. The presence of armed forces in the region of the valley makes it look like a combat fortification but profound inside, the valley’s hidden exquisiteness, matchless!


The Ladakh province is approximately 3000 meters above sea level and consists of chief mountain passes. Ladakh, therefore, becomes a significant trade itinerary linking Europe and Northern Asia to South-East Asia. The Leh and Kargil valleys offer infinite pictorial moments, which is the ideal souvenirs of the journey to Jammu and Kashmir!

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