Mountaineering in China

China Mountaineering

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Must See
Great Wall Land, Nature

Famous for: Scenic Beauty

As one of the greatest wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China was enlisted in the World Heritage Site in 1987. Zigzag through deserts, grasslands, mounts, and flat terrain, the ...

Must See
Jiuzhaigou National Park Land, Nature, Water

Famous for: Park

The name of the Jiuzhaigou National Park in China interprets as the "Nine-Village valley" after the nine Tibetan villages that boundary it. Situated in the Sichuan Province o...

Must See
Yarlung Valley Land, Nature

Famous for: Mountain

Yarlung is said to be the cradle of Tibetan civilization. It was from Yarlung that the early Tibetan kings united Tibet in the 7th century and their gigantic entombment mounds still di...

Must See
Mt Kailash Land, Nature

Famous for: Piligrimage

The 52km circuit of Mt Kailash (6,714m) is one of the most significant pilgrimages in Tibet as well as in Asia. A religious haven since pre-Buddhist times, a hike here amazingly integrates the r...