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China Lakes

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Huang Long Valley Nature, Water

Famous for: Lakes & Jungles

Ghostly mountains adorned with snow, mystifying murky valleys, dense jungles and untouched lakes; if these are the things you are longing for, then the Huang Long Valley in China is the place fo...

Must See
Jiuzhaigou National Park Land, Nature, Water

Famous for: Park

The name of the Jiuzhaigou National Park in China interprets as the "Nine-Village valley" after the nine Tibetan villages that boundary it. Situated in the Sichuan Province o...

Must See
Lake Manasarovar Pilgrim, Water

Famous for: Lake

Lake Manasarovar or Mapham Yum-tso (Victorious Lake) in Tibetan is the most respected of Tibet's many lakes. According to primordial Hindu and Buddhist cosmology the four great rivers of the...