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Nagaland – The uncharted trails of India

Nagaland, the unexplored state of India is situated on the north-eastern strap of the country. Beautiful Nagaland is one among the seven states in that region. Distinctively called the “seven sisters”, these states have been basically unscathed by the chronic Governments at the centre. Nagaland is an attractive and charming state stuffed with natural and cultural diversity. The exclusive yet varied edifying traditions, astonishing reach of nature makes it an incredible destination for travelers who love adventure, cultural glee, and serene natural beauty. The state will induce an absolute sense of spirituality and unpolluted enchantment one walks through an appealing and marvelous cultural predicament of the Nagas. The state also has a small populace and is one of the smaller states in the county and it boundaries Myanmar. Nagaland has Arunachal Pradesh towards its north-east, Assam towards its north-western and western precincts and Manipur as its southern fellow citizen. 

The state is tranquil in nature and travelling here is an every backpacker’s dream. The opulence traveler isn't left thwarted as even the simplest of inns in this dazzling state offer you with the finest of amenities at economical prices. The dramatic mountains, the charming hillocks and the strolling brooks will leave every visitor spell bound. Trekking out in the wilds of Nagaland, one can be sure that there's going to be a watercourse there to astonish you. Abundant streams and rivulets run wobbly within the margins of the state, marking it a monster of a reminiscence to voyage in this charming state. One would be awe-inspired to run into the local tribes, who are simply too eager to help you out with anything from chows to shelter to milk to trek materials. The farm lands are not all that abundant in Nagaland as cultivation is not the chief occupation. 

The quaint Khonoma village, located 20km west of Kohima town offers a panorama of Nagaland’s natural magnificence and biological multiplicity. Khonoma village is known for its heroism. This village boasts terracing farming and preservation of ecosystem that includes unusual bionetwork including Blyth’s Tragopan, and dying out species of animal. In order to reach the utmost point of the village one has to bypass through numerous customary engraved ceremonial gateways and sheer stone steps. Japfu Peak is the next premier peak in Nagaland and branded for its lofty Rhododendron trees. The world’s tallest Rhododendron tree is instituted in the ranges of Japfu. Japfu is fairly celebrated for its exciting activity trails and treks and provides some of the most incredible views of the Naga Hills and ranges from its peak.


Dimapur is the major city in the state. Kohima, the capital is a contented place to holiday at.  Nagaland has several lakes which are situated pound in the heart of mountains, with some stunning landscape. The state capital of Nagaland is one of the beautiful towns with untouched harmony and colossal of history attached to it. It is located at an altitude of 1495m and bids impressive view of the hills. This township abides the remnants of the monuments constructed in the warm memories of the courageous Naga Soldiers who sacrificed their lives.

The abundant home tribes of the exquisite state of Nagaland rejoice their carnivals at various times each year. The weather is active for the majority part of the year with blinking rains occasionally. Since the state has a coarse history, there is a necessity for the authorizing to tour to and within the state of Nagaland for a non-Indian. However, these permits can be effortlessly gained by the apprehensive tourist at the Home Ministry’s office in New Delhi.

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Dec 1-7, 2016
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