Bhai Dooj, Memorable Day of Brothers and Sisters


Bhai Dooj is celebrated on the fifth day of Diwali. This festival is something like raksha bandhan. The relationship of the brother and sister will be more defined by such festivals. In the year 2012 this festival of Bhai Dooj comes on 15th of November. This day is the second day of the Hindu month of Karthik. There are many stories about the festival. Lord Yamaraj visited his sister Yami on this day to have a bright mark of vermillion on his fore head. Lord Krishna also visited his sister Subhadra and got his kumkum on his forehead. So it is very suspicious to put the kumkum on the fore head by the sister.


Hindus celebrate this festival with more joy. Brothers will visit their sisters’ house and take the prayers of the sister. Sisters will pray for the well being of their brothers. Sisters will prepare more dishes to make the brother feel special on this day. Brothers and sisters will exchange gifts to share their live and affection towards each other. As internet has become the main way to exchange any things also, gifts are also sent through internet to the sister. Anything which will make the sister and the brother happy will be gifted. The clothes, electronic gadgets, sweets, fruits or even stationery will be gifted. 


The vermillion or the tilak which is put on the forehead of the brother is having more importance as it will be put with the prayers of the sister. Her prayers will protect him from many problems. Sisters will pray for the long life of the brother also. Brothers will pray for the happiness of the sisters. The main part of the festival is exchanging of gifts. This will make the brother and the sister to feel special. Brothers will not like sweets or fruits as men are more attracted to electronic gadgets and apparels. Women have the passion for anything. They will surely like anything which is presented to them by the brother.


Gifts form the core of the festival. The brother and sister will feel special when they are gifted with many gifts. This day will give importance for their relationship as a brother and sister. Brother will like to have the food prepared by the sister. The sister will put more efforts and prepare tasty dishes for her brother and give he gift and pray god for his long life.


The toiletries, electronic gadgets, apparels and many other things will be given to make each other happy. They will be surely aware about the likings of each other as they are got up together. So they can decide better about the gifts. If the brothers are staying far away then they will choose the gifts from the internet and send them through post. This will prove that they will love each other even if they are staying far away from each other.  Mostly the brothers will like the electronic gadgets and these days there are many ways to please them through internet.

When: Nov 1, 2016

Duration: 1 Day

Where: India

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