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Tamil Nadu – The Temple State of India

Tamil Nadu is a surfeit of ethnicity and tradition smitten to each other that attracts tourists from all around world. The state is best known as the ‘Temple state of India’, traversing across the length and breadth of this state one will be able to find overabundance of outstanding monuments, temples ornate with intricate statuettes and awe-inspiring archways. It is exemplified by a history that dates way back to more than a thousand years and Tamil, being the native language of this state, is also known as one of the oldest languages of the world. The attractions around this state will either portray a spiritual or exquisite story woven to it that leaves every tourist awe-trucked. Tamil Nadu is one of the preferred fads for people looking out for a divine experience.

The magnificent hill stations and sunny coastline of Tamil Nadu furnishes to people who are looking out for an immersion into a unique cultural experience and just unwind oneself with peace and tranquility. The state also boasts of a being the country’s third longest coastline with 910 kilometers long coastal line. From religious experiences to hill stations to sun-kissed seashores, Tamil Nadu has lots in its kitty offer for every travel manila. Chennai, Kanchipuram, Mahabalipuram and Pondicherry are the main attractions of the northern region of Tamil Nadu. Yelagiri and Yercaud being the best hillocks of northern Region of the state are also famous hotspots for travelers. Chennai being the capital of Tamil Nadu is a perfect blend of traditional and contemporary cultures. Kanchipuram is a famous pilgrim hub for all the Hindus and is also renowned for its Kanchivaram silk sarees.  The thousand pillared antechamber of Aayirangaal Mandapam is an architectural & precise engineering wonder, constructed in the 16th century.  There are harmonious stone pillars here, which when socked hymn special musical notes. Mahabalipuram can be rightly called the heritage centre of Tamil Nadu which comprises of eminent temples and monuments and the less known fact for its sunlit shorelines. Yelagiri is an admired hill station exemplified by its picturesque vista and also celebrated for its lakes. 

The central province of Tamil Nadu comprises of many hillocks that are popular for their scenic mountain ranges, stunning panorama and outstanding lush greenery. Ooty also known as Ootacamund and  Kotagiri, Coonoor are few of the famous and most gorgeously beautiful hill stations. Additional to this, few other popular places in the central province that draw a lot of tourists all over the year is Madumalai, Thanjavur and Trichy.  Madumalai is a picturesque sparkler celebrated for its wild life sanctuary and Thanjavur and Trichy are famous spots for pilgrimage. Ooty is known as the ‘Queen of the Hill Stations’ and consists of striking ranges and landscape that looking magnificent.

The southern region of Tamil Nadu is filled with quite a few hill stations too. Of these, the most famous is Kodaikanal, a framework that coalesce contemporary facilities in addition to the gorgeous scenery.  The other must-see places of souther Tamil Nadu are Madurai, Rameshwar and Kanyakumari. Rameshwaram is popular place amongst pilgrims and is considered a sacred place for devotees of the Hindu God Lord Shiva as Rameshwaram temple is the adobe of one of the twelfth Jyotirlinga Temples. The legendary place of Kanyakumari positioned at the tip of the peninsular is the congregation point of three seas: the Bay of Bengal, the Arabian Sea and the Indian Ocean. It is also a significant pilgrim hub but is also well known for its beaches.

Best Time to Visit Tamil Nadu

Feb 11-17, 2015
Yaksha-Festival in Tamil Nadu
Yaksha Festival  - A Celestial Feast of Music and Dance
Duration: 7 Days
Where: Tamil-nadu

India’s diverse and rich culture actually holds the thread of its unity. Most of the art forms have evolved over a thousand of years ago and are still practiced. This is not a reflection of the diverse cultur...

Dec 21-Jan 21, 2015
Mamallapuram-Dance-Festival in Tamil Nadu
Mamallapuram Dance Festival  - Festival of dance
Duration: 32 Days
Where: Tamil-nadu

There is a huge sculpture of the Pallavas in Mamallapuram. This is the venue for the different forms of dances in the place of Mammallapuram. Mamallapuram dance festival is held in the place of Mahabalipuram of Tam...

Jan 15-18, 2016
Pongal in Tamil Nadu
Pongal  - The Farmers Festival
Duration: 4 Days
Where: Karnataka, Andhra-pradesh, Tamil-nadu

A Harvest festival has been a part of every culture since the time man has started planting crops and gathering food. “Pongal” is also one such harvest festival celebrated widely in states like Tamil Na...

Jan 24-Feb 2, 2016
Thai-Pushyam in Tamil Nadu
Thai Pushyam  - Festival of Pain and Trust
Duration: 10 Days
Where: Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil-nadu

Thai Pushyam is celebrated with great pomp and gaiety in the South India especially in the Tamil Nadu to commemorate the victory of Lord Murugan or Lord Subramanya. The festival falls on a full moon night in the mo...

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